Maithripala Sirisena - 01

With the aim of providing a more efficient public service and covering all the seven Divisional Secretariat Divisions of the Polonnaruwa District, newly built 180 Nila Sevana offices and two railway quarters complexes will be vested with the public under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, tomorrow (22).

Through these Nila Sevana offices built in Tamankaduwa, Dimbulagala, Welikanda, Lankapura, Medirigiriya, Hingurakgoda and Elahera Divisional Secretariat Divisions and under the Nila Sevana project, the people will have the opportunity to meet the Grama Niladhari, Samurdhi Development Officer and Agriculture and Economic Officers under one roof. Rs. 292 million has been spent for the project.

Rs.485 million has been spent for the construction of two Railway quarter complexes.


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