President Maithripala Sirisena said that as the subject minister his expectation from the police service is to carry oot law equally to all without considering the position, status or party. He made these remarks at the meeting held to discuss the future proceeding of the police department at the President’s office today (4).

All the senior officers representing all the sections of the police department were summoned to this meeting and they made remarks regarding the work carried out in separate sections.

The President added that throughout his political carrier he has not given any telephone calls to any police station regarding suspects.

Everybody in the Police Service should commit themselves to provide a service by closely associating with the public while taking effective actions against the suspects who break law and providing a better service to the public, said the President.

The President further emphasized that developing the physical aspects of the Police Department, the Police should establish a proper mechanism to reduce the daily complaints received by the Department on a scientific basis. He emphasized the importance of carrying on a long term and medium term program by obtaining the expertise and specialist knowledge on this issue.

President Sirisena said that the trait of a developed country is not to maximize the number of prisons or police stations, but to pay attention on the action to be taken to change the society.

The recruitment, transfers and welfare work were also discussed in length at this meeting.

The President drew his attention to the problems arisen due to opening of new Police Stations without a proper decision making process and evaluation of physical resources, and instructed that establishment of new Police Stations and transfers must be decided through a Committee in the future. While taking these decisions, it is essential to take into consideration the population of the province, number of complaints received and the background is of much importance, the President said.

The President inquired into the progress made in recruiting Tamil-speaking policemen to police stations in the North and East and instructed to strengthen the process.

President Sirisena discussed the steps taken regarding cyber crimes. He also instructed the relevant authorities to expedite the construction work of the proposed Police Training Institute.

Meanwhile, the President’s attention was drawn to a program to establish separate ward complexes for police officers in the main hospitals in Colombo.

The President also focused attention on a program to improve the facilities of women police officers including police officers who come to Colombo from distant places for work.

President Sirisena explained the responsibilities of the Police Department in the environment conservation program including the implementation of the ban on polythene.

Referring to the reports received on the alleged ransom payments from long-distance bus buses, the President instructed the Police Department to take effective steps against such rackets.

Speaking further the President said that the program will be implemented in a phased manner to solve the problems of the lower ranking officers of the Police Department so that they could provide their public service with a satisfied mind.

President Sirisena thanked the Police Department for the support extended to his plans for suppression of illicit drugs and he expressed gratitude to the officers who conducted operations to detect drugs and crackdown on criminals since he assumed the police department under his control.


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