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President Maithripala Sirisena said that the agricultural field is the correct path in conducting the development projects related to strengthening the farmer economy in the process of developing the country.

The results of the investments are already visible and they will indeed provide the people with immediate benefits, the President pointed out.

President Sirisena stated this while briefing media heads and media personnel about the massive irrigational project conducted in reconstructing 2400 tanks under the Ellanga irrigation system and initiating the work of the second stage of the Wayambe Cannel held at the President’s House today (21).

President Sirisena further said that it is through the revolutionary transformation done within the field of Agriculture that the country is able to stand up as a self sufficient nation with sustainable economical growth and free of debts.

President said that proper solutions were not provided for the farmer community for their issues since no prominence was given for the development projects that uplifts the farmer economy although Sri Lanka was agriculture based country.

He pointed out that there are many countries that are ready to assist those development projects that are conducted by the government towards the development of the agricultural field and those projects will never burden the nation through heavy debts.

Presdent Sirisena further stated that the black marks of fraud and corruption that were constantly linked with the larger scale development projects are not evident within the development programmes conducted by the present government during the last three years.

The inauguration of the reconstruction of 2400 tanks linked with the Ellanga system and the initiation of the second stage of the massive irrigational project will commence under the patronage of the President at the Kuburuwewa tank premises in Polpithigama on 24th of this month.

Providing solutions for the lack of sufficient water resources for cultivating Yala- Maha seasons as an outcome of the Mragahakanda- Kalugaga project the Wayamba Ela project commenced in the year of 2017.

Providing water for the small reservoir systems of Matale district, and to provide secure water for the huge irrigational projects of Wemadilla and Devahuwa and to provide a long lasting solution for the Northern area of the Kurunegala district is expected through this program. Constant supply of water of 105,000 feet-acres annually, nourishing 353 of small tanks and 6 larger tanks through the water of the Mahaweli River and developing 12,500 hectares of lands are some of its benefits.

Secretary for the Mahaweli Development and Environment Authority Anura Dissanayake, Director General of Mahweli Authority Sarath Chandarsiri Vithana and the engineers in charge of Wayambe Ela and officers were present at this media briefing.


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