President Maithripala Sirisena says drugs are one of the main causes behind the increase of poverty among people and a strong battle against the drug menace is needed in the process of building a prosperous and a better country.

The President also said that he has already implemented the necessary process in this regard, addressing a ceremony held at the Bendiwewa Maha Vidyalaya in Polonnaruwa to open the newly built two-storey classroom building, today (27).

Accordingly, four development projects completed at the schools in Polonnaruwa under the “Pibidemu Polonnaruwa (Awakening of Polonnaruwa)” District Development Project, were vested with the students by the President today. The total cost for the newly built two-storey classroom building at the Bendiwewa Maha Vidyalaya is Rs. 17.6 million.

The students of the school warmly welcome the President when he arrived at the venue and after unveiling the plaque the President also joined in observing the activities of the students.

State Officials including the people’s representatives in Polonnaruwa and the District Secretary were also participated on this occasion.

The President vested the new building built at the Illukwewa Primary School with the students today. The total cost for the building is Rs. 10.6 million.

The President, addressing the gathering said there still remain many unresolved issues at the rural level due to non-utilization of funds allocated for the development of area based on identifying specific needs of the people.

It is the responsibility of elected representatives to properly invest the allocated funds to fulfill the needs of the areas they represent, the President pointed out while adding the responsibility of investigating the needs of the people lies with the government officials.

The Principal Ms. K. A. Renuka Kalugampitiya, the staff and students were present on the occasion.

The President then joined to vest the two-storey classroom with the students of Moragaswewa Primary School. Rs. 7 million has been spent on this construction.

The President was warmly welcomed at the school premises and President planted a Sandalwood sapling to mark the occasion.

The President also handed over the newly-constructed two-story classroom at Kadawalawewa Primary school built with Rs. 13.8 million.

The Principal V. H. C. S. Kumarasiri and his staff, students and a group of parents were presented on the occasion.


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