President says he will take the responsibility of establishing a peaceful environment in the country eradicating terrorism

President requests all religious leaders to commit themselves to ensure peace & harmony among the public

President Maithripala Sirisena says as the Head of the State he will take over the responsibility of establishing a peaceful and free environment in the country.

He made these remarks when the All Religious Committee gathered at the Presidential Secretariat, yesterday (25).

The President said that the support of all the parties have received for us at the moment, to eliminate this destructive terrorism from the country. President Sirisena also said that in this task he has placed a great confidence on the security forces of the country and said that in any way he will not bring foreign forces into the country.

The President expressed his firm belief that all the religious leaders would be committed to the task of building peace and reconciliation among the ordinary people without allowing a turbulent situation in this unforeseen occasion. The President appreciated the peaceful manner shown by all the catholic priests, including the Archbishop of Colombo His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and the catholic community and said that they had being an exemplary to the whole country.

The Maha Sangha including all the religious leaders presented their ideas and suggestions on the steps that should be taken to suppress the existing situation in the country and to ensure peace and reconciliation among the people.

Expressing his views His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith said that this attacks were not done by the Muslim community at all, and the majority of the Muslim community in this country is thoroughly opposed to this act, and the measures should be taken promptly against the responsible terrorist’s organization in this regard. He also emphasized the importance of strengthening the intelligence service of the country to ensure the national security. The international interventions in the past few years have also helped to weaken the country’s intelligence agencies, he further said.

Expressing his views Anunayaka of the Malwathu Chapter Most Ven. Dimbulkubure Wimaladhamma Thero pointed out that his proposal is also that the dress of Muslim women which joined newly to the tradition of Sri Lanka should be changed for the security of the country as well as the entire population. The Thero also said that the schools which teach students based on ethnic divisions should be abolished and said that if there are divisions there will be no unity.

The President of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama, Shaikh Mauliwi Rizwe expressing his views said that they have provided information regarding the activities of this terrorist organization to the former Defence Secretary and the security division in the year 2014. However, he said that none of them had paid attention to it.

Meanwhile, Moulavi Akram Noor Ammed expressing his views said that the Muslim community in the country lived in a cordial and cooperative manner with all ethnicities of the country for a long time, and the entire Muslim community has been inconvenienced due to the savage action taken by a very small number of people. He also said that his people are ready to give maximum support to the Government to curb this terror group.

Speaking further, Ven. Kotapola Amarakiththi Thera said that certain representatives representing the Parliament appear to be responsible for such acts of violence and the President should pay close attention for them how they act covering for their parliamentary power.

Many religious leaders presented their views and suggestions to the All Religious Committee. President Maithripala Sirisena stated that all these ideas and suggestions will be taken into consideration when eradicating terrorism and building peace and confidence among the people.

The officials including the Secretary to the President Udaya R Senevirathne participated on this occasion.


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