President Maithripala Sirisena says the government procedures to hold Provincial Council Election have been completed by now. He said the bill related to this will be presented to the Parliament next week to pass the relevant regulations.

The President was speaking at a workshop held today (July 17) at Foundation Institute in Colombo. The workshop was organized to make plans at local government institutes for waste management and dengue prevention.

“There are various criticisms in the media which state that the government is not holding elections. But the actual reason for us not hold elections was the irregularities in the bill which had been made in relation to election of representatives for local government bodies”, the President explained.

“There hasn’t been any scientific, permanent program for waste management by any of the previous governments. All those who think without political hypocrisy will acknowledge that. The current government will end this garbage issue so that any future governments will not face this problem”, he said.

The President stated Mayors and Provincial Secretaries should be committed to perform their service properly, using their institutional powers. “I have received information that some local government institutes are still being controlled by former chairmen and mayors, misusing the vehicles and other resources of the institutes for their private and political needs”, he said.

The President said according to the political culture we were used to, the government officers had to behave in accordance with the qualities and characteristics of the political leadership. “But today all public servants can perform their duties correctly and properly without any such undue influence”, the President stated.

He said a proper restructuring program will be formulated within next few months after obtaining ideas and proposals from all relevant persons about the posts and duties of the secretaries of local government institutes.

The workshop has been organized by the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils, under the theme ‘Thirasara Yugayak – Pirisidu Purayak’ (Sustainable Era – Clean City).

The report on proper waste management and dengue prevention was presented to the President by Minister Faizer Mustafa.

Provincial governors, Chief Ministers and the heads of local government institutes were present at this occasion.







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