Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang met President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday(26) afternoon at the Great Hall of the People and assured pledged Chinese government’s fullest support to the new government of Sri Lanka.

The Chinese Premier further said China does not have relationship with individuals of different countries, but it has a policy of developing bilateral ties with nations.

President Maithripala in responses stated that Sri Lanka expects to continue with the longstanding bilateral ties with China. The President also thanked the Chinese government for the assistance given to Sri Lankan military forces to eradicate three decades long brutal terrorist war.

He further said the new government has initiated many programmes and people centric projects during the three months period. President also stated that his government expects to create an atmosphere, which is free from corruption and malpractices.

Commenting further, the President pointed out the importance of strengthening the Asian region like European Union countries. He also welcomed more investments in Sri Lanka from Chinese industrialists.

The discussion between President Sirisena and Prime Minister Li Keqiang also focused on eradication of poverty in Asian countries.


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