President Maithripala Sirisena says the objective of the abolishing of the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam is to provide a better education for the children while implementing the necessary changes that should be done in our education sector according to the educational methods used by the most developed countries in the world.

The President made these remarks addressing a ceremony held at the Subharathi Maha Vidyalaya in Godagama, yesterday (01st).

President Sirisena further said that a programme will be implemented in the future under the guidance of the Education specialists to hold an examination in Grade 07 or 08 instead of the Grade 5 examination, and to lead the students to select their respective fields based on that examination results. He also pointed out that through this process the students will receive an opportunity to obtain higher studies in the fields of medicine, engineering, mathematics, agronomy and technology.

The President further made remarks that the grade five scholarships have an issue related with the science of education. The grade five scholarship scheme was started to provide an opportunity for children of poor families incapable of providing an education, to study at a government school and provide them an allowance. Yet the grade five scholarship that has become an exam and a milestone for the children to enter so called popular schools and it has emerged as a serious issue in the field of education, the President pointed out. He added that 86% of students who enter into universities are not the children who have passed the grade five scholarships according to statics.

The education system should change and provide resources that are needed for schools and there should be a system that allows the children of the country march forward with their skills and abilities. The President stressed the importance of such an education system. He further mentioned that the education system that creates graduates who carry placards calling for jobs must also be changed.

The President pointed out that, there is no country anywhere that enlists thousands of students into one school and focus should be on providing good education and discipline by admitting a small number of students to a school and continue their education at the same school since childhood. Therefore, the President emphasized the importance of ending the competition to ensure a good education for all children in the country under the changes that are taking place in the educational system to create a disciplined generation of children.

Under the concept of ‘hondama de daruwantai’, the three storied building constructed at the Godagama Subharathi Mahamathya College, under the financial allocation of the Western Provincial Council, was handed over to the students by President Maithripala Sirisena last afternoon.

A tree planting work was also held to mark the visit of the President. After that, the President unveiled the plaque and handed over the theater building to the students. The President also inspected the building.

The awards were presented to the outstanding school children by the President.

A female student has painted portrait of President’s presented that to the President in this event.

Chief Minister Western Province Mr. Isuru Devapriya presented a memento to the President as well.

Member of Parliament Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala, Ministers of Western Province Mr. Gamini Thilakasiri, Mr. Hector Bethmage and Sri Lanka Freedom Party Party organizer of Avissawella Mr. Sumith Sozsa, College principal, teaching staff, parents and old students were also participated in this event.


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