Some groups are spreading false propaganda, expecting to bring those who were in power back to power says the President.
“Untruth spreads sooner than truth. I request all Sri Lankans living overseas not to be mislead by false propaganda”, he said.
The President was speaking to the Sri Lankans in Australia when he met them in Canberra yesterday (May 25). Professionals, businessmen, university academics and students and Sri Lankan people who work in many fields in Australia were present at this occasion.
President Sirisena stated that the government is committed to fulfill the expectations of the people people of the country.
“It was the freedom and democracy what they expected by electing a new government. The government is committed to ensure the freedom and democracy in the country”, he said.
“The government, carrying out a clear development program to make the lives of the people prosperous and ensure the reconciliation among all communities, is acting to build a permanent peace in the country so that there will not be another war in Sri Lanka”, the President said.
“Some extremist groups spread false rumors across the country and the aim of those people is to tarnish the image of the present government and to regain power in the country another time”, the President said.

“The Government will take every possible measure to build lasting peace in the country”:the President said that adding the government will not hesitate to take action against those who are trying to destroy the peace of the country, irrespective of their status.

President Sirisena further said that the government will move ahead for the betterment of its people and he said that the support of all the Sri Lankan citizens is expected in this regard.

The President expressed his gratitude to the Government of Australia, for inviting him to visit Australia and said that this invitation was offered to him due to the untarnished initiatives of his Government.

Today, Sri Lanka has no enemies in the world, and the assistance of all the nations, including the powerful countries in the world has given to Sri Lanka and said that he is returning to the Motherland after successfully concluding the tour to Australia bringing many developmental benefits to the country.

The Sri Lankan community there warmly welcomed the President when he arrived in the venue.


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