“In the way Sinhala, Muslim and Tamil leaders in this country played their role and fulfilled their mission during the struggle for national freedom, everybody should get together to perform the today’s duty to build the country by taking it towards development”, says President Maithripala Sirisena.

The President was speaking at the ceremony to open newly built Muslim Cultural Center of the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs today (Jan. 17).

This cultural center which was built at the T. B. Jaya Mawatha, Colombo is equipped with all facilities.

“I was elected as the President of Sri Lanka by Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people in this country. The current government is fulfilling its responsibility to build a country where all people can live in brotherhood, by preventing the occurrence of another war”, the President stated.

He said the forces against the government are trying to spread disunity among the nationalities. “All religious leaders should work to protect the national unity in the country, without giving any room for the extremist forces”, he said.

The President opened the new cultural center by unveiling the plaque. He also launched the official website of the cultural center.

Minister of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Activities M. H. Abdul Haleem presented a souvenir to the President on this occasion.

Venerable Maha Sangha and other religious leaders, Ministers Rishad Bathiudeen, Rauf Hakeem, State Minister A. H. M. Fawzie and the Secretary to the Ministry of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs, D. P. M. V. Hapuarachchi were also participated at this event.






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