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Several development projects in Elahera-Bakamuna area vested with public and students

Today, many development projects have been implemented island wide allocating a huge amount of money, and the present government also committed to ensure maximum transparency when implementing those development projects, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

He made these remarks participating in a ceremony to open the newly constructed building at the Elahera District Secretariat, today (04).

The President recalled that he left the previous government against the fraud and corruption, and the President also said that in this Government too, irrespective of political differences legal actions will be taken against all the wrongdoers if any, while considering it as a main characteristic of the concept of good governance.

President Sirisena said that we can see some officials are reluctant to take some decisions in the process of the development and further said that no state official should be scared to fulfill their respective responsibilities honestly as well as accurately.

The President vested several development projects in the Elahera- Bakamuna area with the public as well as with the students.

The three-storied building built at the Mahasen Maha Vidyalaya in Bakamuna  vested  with the students by the President and the newly built building comprises of 02 Technical Units and eight classrooms and the building was constructed at a cost of Rs.16.8 million.

Nalaka Kolonne MP, Co-President of the Elahera Provincial Coordination Committee Amarawansha Mohotti, the staff of the school including the Principal Gamini Samarakoon, parents, past pupils and others participated on this occasion.

Later, the President also opened the newly constructed building of the Elahera District Secretariat.

Title deeds were handed over to 57 land recipients in the Elahera Division  and marking this event the President symbolically handed over those title deeds to the people.

Addressing the gathering the President further stated that over the past few decades, there has been a decline in development in the Polonnaruwa district, and said that he is hopeful to develop the fields of Education, Health and Agricultural sector by the year 2018 eliminating the unjust in the development process for the District.

At present, in 150 schools out of the 242 schools in the Polonnaruwa district, new projects including the construction of new buildings have been implemented with the contribution of Tri-Forces, and in future it is expected to vest newly constructed 100 buildings at 100 schools in the district, in the same day, with the students.

The Maha Sangha of the area including the Most Ven. Madola Somananda  Nayaka Thero, Nalaka Kolonne,MP, Co-President of the Elahera Provincial Coordination Committee Amarawansha Mohotti, Mr. Sampath Sri Nilantha,N.A.Samantha, public servants and others participated on this occasion.

Meanwhile, President Sirisena also opened the newly built two-storied building at the Kottapitiya Junior School comprises of six classrooms. The building was constructed at a cost of Rs.8.4 million.

After declare opening of the building the President engaged in a cordial discussion with the students.

Thereafter, the President joined in listening to an aesthetic subject at the new classroom.

A sapling was planted at the premises of the school to mark the visit of the President to the school. Awards were presented to the First Student of the school W.M.Gamini Wijekoon and for the student A.W.G.Odatha Ambawatte who obtained highest marks in the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination.

The President posed for a group photographs with the Air Force team who contributed to construct the building and with the staff of the school including the Principal B.L.J. Gunasekara.

The projects being implemented in the Elahera-Bakamuna area under various development fields as well as the projects which are to be implemented in the future in this area worth around Rs.3500 million. Out of this amount Rs.1274.3 million has been invested already for various development projects.

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