Though most people forget election promises after their electoral victory I will fulfill every promise I have given on freedom, fairness and social justice, said President Maithripala Sirisena.

He pointed out that no state leader paid proper attention on ensuring social justice after their election even if they had given priority for physical development.

By changing that short-sighted political system, I am working on to establish freedom, fairness and social justice together with the physical development of the country, the President further stated.

President Sirisena was speaking at the forum of SLFP representatives of Badulla District held yesterday (June 21) at Library Auditorium, Badulla.

I did not have any personal popularity before coming out from the former government. People decided to elect me as the President not considering of my popularity but paying attention on the policies in my election manifesto, the President said.

He emphasized that he would be committed to make the change for the people, keeping even the life at stake, by establishing the freedom, fairness and social justice which people were expecting for a long time.

The allegations made by some people that I destroyed the SLFP are baseless. I never destroyed the SLFP. If I wanted to destroy it I wouldn’t have accepted the leadership of the Party, the President said.

President Sirisena further stated that he would be dedicated to lead the party for victory, by accepting its Presidency and keeping the trust on the MPs of SLFP. He emphasized everybody should join their hands to take this step toward the victory.

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