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The inaugural ceremony of the National Program: “Let’s Protect Children” being launched by the Presidential Secretariat as conceptualized by President Maithripala Sirisena with the aim of protecting children  and to create  a better environment conducive to their physical and mental development will be held under the distinguished patronage of the President, at the Provincial Sports Complex Digana, Kandy at 09:00 a.m., tomorrow (08).  

Ending Child Labour in Sri Lanka, preventing child abuse and using children for unlawful activities, are among the main objectives of this national programme.  

Under this programme counselling, legal consultation, entertaining complaints as well as public awareness – raising will be conducted. The project is scheduled to be implemented within the next two years in Island-wide at provincial and district level.

During this inauguration ceremony National Policy on Ending Child Labour in Sri Lanka will be launched, and another programme named “Children Who Will Be The Winners Of Tomorrow” which is intended to produce a child endowed with personality who could successfully meet the daunting challenges  of the rapidly changing competitive world will also launched.


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