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The upcoming parliamentary elections will be an election where the independence of public service and impartiality will be guaranteed at the highest level, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

“No government official will be allowed to be intimidated by political forces under my rule,” he said. The President said he is committed to secure the honour and dignity of the public service through an independent public service.

He made these observations at the Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Administrative Services Association at Waters Edge Hotel yesterday (19).

“The leadership of the public administrative service is a prerequisite for taking the government’s policies and programs forward,” he said. President Sirisena said the people’s requirements should be given priority.

He said a public servant is capable of providing relief to the people who seek their help. “There were instances when members of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service faced difficulties due to politicians’ requests.

The recognition and the dignity to the public service remain unchanged, the President added.

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