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President Maithripala Sirisena says some section of the society who uses the modern technology, which was invented for the progress of people, in an erroneous manner, is spreading false propaganda regarding the government and emphasized that the initiatives taken for the betterment of majority of people could not be halted due to the acts by a small minority of people.

He made these remarks addressing a ceremony held at the Pulatisi Buddhi Mandapaya in Polonnaruwa, yesterday (04) to distribute equipment for 1,012 self- employed persons, with the aim of uplifting livelihood of the people living in Elahera-Bakamuna area.

Even though certain people act misusing the democracy and freedom ensured in the country, the government including he himself committed to fulfill the responsibilities towards the country as well as for its people.

Under the   Pibidemu  Polonnaruwa   District Development Project, these equipment were distributed spending Rs.92 million.  The aim of this programme is to distribute equipment for 3,264 self-employed persons by the year 2017,and Rs.371 million has been allocated in this regard.

The President further said that a special committee will be appointed under the Presidential Secretariat to provide guidance to solve any issues arising when these equipments are used, as well as to scrutinize whether these given equipment were used in an appropriate manner.

The Red Cross Society distributed water filters among 400 families in the District spending Rs.2.6 million. The President also distributed Weeder Machines among 200 persons spending Rs.27.2 million.

Nalaka Kolonne MP, North Central Provincial Councilors Sampath Sri Nilantha, N.A.Samantha, Polonnaruwa District Secretary Ranjith Ariyarathna,  Chairman of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Jagath Abeysinhe and others participated on this occasion.

Meanwhile, the President also opened the newly built building at the Mihidu Jayanthi Piriven in  Aththanakadawala which was built under the Government’s programme to develop Piriven education of the country. It was built at a cost of Rs.9 million.

The President who visited the temple first engaged in religious observances and secured blessings. President Sirisena also looked into the well- being of the Chief Incumbent of the temple.

A white sandalwood sapling was planted at the premises of the temple to mark the President’s visit to the temple.

Later, the President unveiling the plaque, opened the Piriven building and presented sets of books for five monks who achieved best results at the All- Island level.

Addressing this event the President said that the Piriven education in our country gave the guidance for our culture, language and discipline and also said that the government will pay its special attention to uplift the Piriven education of our country.   

The President also said that all the 15 Pirivens in the Polonnaruwa district will be developed under the programme the government launched to develop the Piriven education in the country, by the year 2018. 

Ven. Guruwela Sheelarathana Thero and the Parivenadhipathi Shasthrapathi Ven. Valdeniye Dhammarathana Thero were among those participated in this occasion.


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