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President Maithripala Sirisena addressing the National Tamil Language Day ceremony held at the Jaffna Hindu College, today (14) said that the language should be used as a bridge which link the people, but not as a tool to divide the people.
Even though some people are of the view that language should be used to make division among the people, as true human beings who value the humanity, must respect all the languages of a country and must learn all those languages.
The President recalled the close relationship among different communities, who speak different languages and believe different faiths, of our country since ancient time and stated that today, the people who do not values the humanity obstruct the journey which aims to build national reconciliation accept by all the communities.
President Sirisena said that the equal education rights given to all the children in the country, irrespective of ethnic and religious differences, to build them as citizens rich with knowledge and emphasized that the government will fulfill its duty of preparing children to conquer their future world.
Also, paying attention to a request made by potato farmers in Jaffna, said that the government will discuss with the relevant authorities regarding the steps that could be taken to strengthen the potato farmers while not allowing importing potatoes into the country in the future.
The President also paid his attention regarding the request made by the Jaffna farmers about their bank loans and said that he will discuss with the state and private banks to provide relief measures in this regard.
Meanwhile, few people stage a protest today in Jaffna, demanding transfer of three Tamil prisoners again to Vavuniya prison, who were transferred to Anuradhapura prison from Vavuniya prison. These people gathered on the road sides raising black flags, when the President on his way to Hindu College. The President went to meet them and said that he is ready to discuss with anyone who have issues siting at one table, whether they are from South or North.
The President addressing the gathering at the Hindu College emphasized that even though any one has the right to protest, his attempt is to build a just and peaceful society where all the communities could live together, while not allowing any room to recurrence of a brutal war.
The President further said that he invite all the protestors to hoist flags of peace instead of the black flags, to provide their support to the journey which aims to fulfill the aspirations of the future generation.
President Maithripala Sirisena vested the newly built Technical Laboratory at the Hindu College with the students.
The President also presented awards to the students who won the competitions held to mark the Tamil Language Day.
Also the President presented felicitation awards in recognition of the contribution made for the advancement of the education field of Jaffna district.
The State Minister of Education V. Radhakrishnan presented a special memento to the President.
People’s representatives including the Governor of the Northern Province Reginald Cooray, Parliamentarian Angajan Ramanathan, public servants,Principals,school children and many others participated on this occasion.

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