Four new ambassadors along with a new High Commissioner concurrently accredited to Sri Lanka presented their credentials to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the President’s House  in Colombo today (20). The ambassadors of the State of Qatar and Republic of Turkey as well as the Pakistan High Commissioner will be based in Colombo. The ambassadors to the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and Slovenia will be based in New Delhi.

After the presentation ceremony, welcoming the delegates the President spoke of strengthening bilateral relations and expanding on areas of common interests such as education, development, technology and agriculture. The new diplomats also expressed their commitment to uphold the long ties their countries had had with Sri Lanka and work with Sri Lanka to develop on the common interests as mentioned by President.

Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena also spoke and noted that Sri Lanka always had maintained cordial relations with all five countries.

The envoys who presented their credentials today are:

  • Jassim bin jabir jassim sarour – Ambassador of the State of Qatar   2d6b67c2-9e04-4a67-9b26-a51e7d968ef7
  • Rakibe Demet Sekercioglu –  Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey 122d529a-910f-4579-bcce-24a55b0c0366
  • Major General (Retd) Muhammad Saad khattak – High Commissioner of the Islamic  Republic of Pakistan 0c0a0b83-a350-48e0-bfda-77f05074e6d5
  • Jean Claude kugener – Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 767ab78a-04a9-4ebb-9ff0-385cab7b2490
  • Marjan Cencen – Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia    38475d29-4d68-4516-a6e3-19d546c9348f