The buildings and a stadium with a sports complex constructed at four schools in Maharagama electorate vested with the students by the President today (1).

The new buildings of Mahargama President’s College, Maharagama Central College, Dharmapala College, Kottawa, the first Suhuru college of Sri Lanka in Kotte Madiwala, were vested with the students by the President.

Thus sports ground built with a sports stadium in Mirihana, Kotte, were vested with the public by the President. The construction was initiated by the chief minister of western province Isuara Devapriya, with the monetary funds of the western province.

The President at first visited the President’s College Maharagama, vested the newly furnished auditorium to the students.

The President who visited the college was warmly welcomed by the students and he opened the commemoration plaque and vested the auditorium to the student and afterwards engaged in an observational visit in the college premises.

A souvenir was presented to the President.

Then the President visited the Maharagama Central College and vested the newly built auditorium under the theme, ”The best is for children”. This was a concept constructed with the donations of western provincial council funds.

Then the President visited Dharamapala Vidayalya, Kottawa, where he unveiled the commemoration plaque to vest the new auditorium with the students.

Then, the sports ground built with a complete sports stadium for the youth in Mirihana, Kotte, ”The Isurapriya Sports Stadium” was vested with the public by the President.

The Western Provincial council has taken steps to make the Sri Rahula College, Kotte, the first Suhuru school of the Island and that college will be named as, ”Isura Vidayalya, Kotte”, and the Suhuru class rooms and the four-floored college building was vested to the students by the President.

Members of Parliament Dinesh Gunewardena, Bandula Gunawardena, and the chief minister of western province Isura Devapriya, and the ministers of western province were gathered in this opening ceremony.

Meanwhile the “Jana Jaya City” shopping complex built by the Sri Jayawardenapura Municipal Council was opened by President Maithripala Sirisena. The monetary worth to construct this 10 floor super shopping complex built with all the facilities is Rs.2000 million.

The President who opened the commemoration plaque and the super shopping complex, engaged in an observational visit. Member of Parliament Lasantha Alagyawanna, Thilanga Sumathipala, Chief Minister of Western Province Isura Devapriya, the Mayor of Kotte Attorney-General Madhura Vithanagae, former mayor Janaka Ranawaka, and others were present in this event.


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