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“Though those who were removed from power by the people are launching many conspiracies by dreaming to come to power again, nobody will be able to topple the current government”, says President Maithripala Sirisena.


“The government is proceeding according to the constitution and the law in the country. Nobody can stop the government’s journey towards the betterment of the country with long term political experience”, he emphasized.


The President was speaking at a public meeting in Ibbagamuwa today (July 26). The meeting was held after he vested the Learning Resource Center at Hameedia Muslim School in Kumbalganga, Ibbagamuwa with students.


Commenting on the strike by the workers of the Petroleum Corporation, the President said the public is facing an inconvenience due to this strike. “Any problem can be solved through discussions. I request them to stop the strike and report to duties. Doctors also have taken strike as a game today. It is matter to regret that they haven’t given any value for human lives”, he said.


President Sirisena pointed out there is a misunderstanding among people on the proposed agreement with a Chinese company on Hambantota Port.  He emphasized that he will not make any room to hand over even one inch of the country to any other country or company through a deed or any other way.


“It was the last regime which transferred the lands of our country to other countries even though no ruler in the past did such a thing. They had given ownership of 200 acres through a deed to a Chinese company. It is the current government which transferred it into a tenancy”, the President said. “Nobody wanted to strike or protest against such decisions those days. Today everybody has freedom for strike and protest under the current government. But we can’t let majority of people to suffer due to the activities of small group of people”, he emphasized.


“The government will issue a statement on number of activities for the welfare of the public within next few years. This statement will be issued next month when it marks the completion of two years since the Parliamentary Election”, the President stated.


The Learning Resource Center at the Primary School in Meegahaela, Hiriyala was opened by the President. He also opened the Learning Resource Center at the Primary School in Thiththawella.


The President, who was on his way to Colombo, looked into the development activities of Ibbagamuwa Madya Maha Vidyalaya. He had a discussion with the Principal of the school on this regard.


Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, Governor of the Wayamba Province Amara Piyasili Ratnayake, Chief Minister Dharmasiri Dassanayake, Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranayake, former Deputy Minister Shantha Bandara, Wayamba Provincial Education Minister Sandya Kumara Rajapaksha, Member of Wayamba Provincial Council Kamal Indika and the SLFP Organizer of Kurunegala M. S M. Fahim were among those participated in this occasion.


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