President Maithripala Sirisena said rock inscription found in Sripada from the time of King Nissanka Malla, stated that those who stole state assets would be reborn as dogs and crows. He said those in positions of power should be always reminded that they should not steal state assets, and there would be consequences if they do.

“I am asking how much this Nissanka Malla inscription is relevant to yesteryear and to today,” President Sirisena said at a ceremony marking 125 years of the Department of Archaeology in Colombo.

I, as the first servant of the public, suggest that this edict be inscribed in a plaque and placed in all offices from that of the President, ministers and government officials, the President said.

Addressing the event held at the Department premises, the President pointed out that the artifacts in the Department are the evidences of a nation’s history.

To build the Nation and the Country we should not be confined only to speak of our proud history. All of us should totally commit ourselves to enrich future generations with the benefit of our proud history.

He said that he has received information about 42 high ranking positions at the Department of Archaeology remaining vacant during the past few years. “The previous Government should be held responsible for the accusations against the Department of Archaeology during the last few years,” the President said.

President Sirisena said as a New Government his administration would provide sufficient physical and human resources needed for the Department and will give the opportunity to move forward with the new Technology.

First, President Sirisena offered floral tributes to the statue of the eminent archaeologist Senarath Paranavitana at the premises. He also declared open the newly constructed Dhatu Mandiraya at the Department of Archaeology.

The President also inaugurated the exhibition organized by the Department of Archaeology for exposition of King Dutugemunu relics and Archeological artifacts.

During the ceremony “Eda saha Ada” archeological souvenir presented to the President. A stamp and a first day cover also presented to President Sirisena marking the 125th anniversary of the Department of Archaeology. A special memento too presented to the President during the ceremony.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, several ministers and officials were present on this occasion.

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