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Most issues in the society are arisen due to some people who act thinking they won’t die. Therefore, everybody who comes to power should act with the understanding that they would lose power at any given time”, says President Maithripala Sirisena.

He was speaking at the annual meeting of the Maithri Mithuro Organization at Galle Face Hotel yesterday (Feb. 25).

“The power should not be used for power itself. It should be utilized for the betterment of the people”, he said.

“The 100 Days Program could have been more successful than this if the parliament had been dissolved after the Presidential election in January 2015”, the President stated.

President Sirisena further stated that he, who was elected as the President without two thirds majority in the Parliament, is performing more difficult tasks than the other Presidents. “Sri Lanka is the only country which passed an amendment to the constitution without having a two third majority in the Parliament”, he added.

The Government has successfully commenced a forward movement of a challenging long journey, the President said, adding that the Government is in the process of getting the international assistance , which we have lost during the past few years, to develop the country.

“The development process commenced by my government, is to get the resources needed to take forward the country,” the President said.

The 18th amendment to the  constitution was a political tragedy of this country, he added.

Officials of the “Maithri Mithuro” Organization including its President Mr. Asela Iddawela and others participated at this occasion.


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