President Maithripala Sirisena made and fulfills the innocent expectation of the student Prabodha Lahiruni of Polonnaruwa Royal College. A development aesthetics tenant is one of the major dreams of Lahiruni. The President gave a sitar to a student Lahiruni today morning (18th) at the President Secretariat.

She hopes to go continue with the Aesthetic Studies after the Advance Level exams. Therefore, she selected music as a main field and she needed a sitar as her music instrument.

The girl was severely depressed due to her lack of ability to purchase the instrument of the girl who had been living in the midst of many difficulties.

On the 8th of December 2018, the President visited Polonnaruwa to go to Ganangolla to share the dream of new house to student Shalika Lakshan.

When President visited the Ganangolla, Prabodha Lahiruni has come closer to the trust and confidence the President had made to her beloved father.

The President took steps to fulfill the request of the child immediately. When she arrived at the President Secretariat with her parents this morning (18th), Prabodha Lahiruni got her sitar from the President.


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