President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the related parties to provide immediate solutions for the huge mountain of garbage at Gohagoda in Katugastota , which is the central disturbing environmental issue in the City of Kandy.

‘Not allowing another pathetic incident to rise such as Meethotamulla, immediate steps must be taken as a remedy for this issue’, emphasized the President. The President made these instructions to the related officials at a meeting held at President’s office today (3) regarding streamlining the activities of the Gohagoda Solid Waste Management Centre.

The public residing in the area has alleged that numerous issues have emerged regarding the waste that has been collected in the Gohagoda, Katugasthota area in different provisional councils including the Kandy Municipal Council.

The President instructed that without letting people be oppressed, the waste should be methodically cleaned through a proper recycling process and the provincial councils should take proper steps in collaboration with the urban councils. The President further instructed the Central Environmental Authority to provide necessary assistance in this regard.

Officials including the Chief Secretary of the Central province participated in this meeting.


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