Dimbulagala sacred area will be developed with full facilities within two years to be an attractive place of worship which will draw local and foreign devotees and visitors, said President Maithripala Sirisena.

It will be the greatest honor could be extended to late Chief Incumbents of the Dimbulagala Aranya Senasana, Ven. Kithalagama Siri Seelalankara Thero and Ven. Maldeniye Jinalankara thero, he added.

The President made these remarks at the cremation ceremony of late Ven. Maldeniye Jinalankara thero held yesterday (July 15) at Dimbulagala Sacred area.

The President Sirisena said that the historic Dimbulagala will be developed as an attractive sacred city with all amenities and facilities, within next two years.

The President added that late Chief Incumbents Ven. Kithalagama Siri Seelalankara Thero and Ven. Maldeniye Jinalankara Thero, made a great commitment to develop Dimbulagala sacred city and it was unfortunate that the state failed to given sufficient support to this endeavor. “Within a few months after coming to power, the new Government has started the development process of the historic Dimbulagala sacred city”, he added.

The Chief Incumbent Ven. Maldeniye Jinalankara Thero’s demise a great loss to the Dimbulagala area as well as to the country, President Sirisena said. Ven. Maldeniye Jinalankara Thero spend his life in a rural area like Dimbulagala and he had experienced the plight of the people in that area due to many reasons such as drought and poverty and the Nayaka Thero’s life is exemplary for the community of Bhikkhus, he said.

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