President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed all the Secretaries to the Ministries to implement a National programme to increase national food production, to eradicate the drug menace and to protect the environment.

He made these observations during a meeting with all the Secretaries to the Ministries at the Presidential Secretariat today (23).

At this time, the importance of introducing a new programme to strengthen the national economic growth through national food production was mentioned.

The President advised all the Secretaries to the Ministries to present a report regarding all the food items expected to import into the country within the next week and the expected total import cost.

Discussions were also held regarding the national programme aimed at the eradication of alcohol and illicit drugs.

While pointing out the importance of eradicating the drug menace the discussions were held to unite all the relevant authorities to implement a broad national programme and to strictly enforce the laws with regard to alcohol and illicit drugs.

At this meeting attention has been drawn towards the National program on Environmental Conservation and a decision was taken to implement a broad national programme under the guidance of the Presidential Secretariat on Environmental Conservations.

The participants also said that national programmes should be introduced to the public, emphasizing their responsibilities to protect the natural resources of the country.



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