The President instructs to complete the work of Uma Oya by August and to provide the benefits to the people quickly.

92% of the work has been completed of the project and the President instructed the engineers and the relevent parties in charge to work on completing the work of the remaining part of the project.

President Surisena mentioned this engaging in an observational visit to the Uma Oya multi purpose project to inquire on its progress today (22).

The total investment for the Uma Oya project is USD 535 million since this is one of the largest Multi national projects carried on in Sri Lanka.

The construction work of the under water power plant built under the Uma Oya was also observed by the President. The construction of this project which provides 120 Megawatts of power to the power grid of the country is currently being completed.

Under the Uma Oya multi purpose project 5000 acres of land in the South Eastern province dry zone is to be provided with Irrigational water.Thus three hundrad small rivers of Wellawaya in Monaragala, district will be nourished through this project.

President also observed the construction of the main tunnel of the reservoir.

Two reservoirs will be constructed in Puhuloya and Dayagara and the President paid an observational visit to the place.

The cobstructions of the project is accomplished after closely observing and paying attention to climatic changes.

Secretary of Mahaweli Development and Environement Anura Dissanayake, and officers, Ambassador of Iran for Sri Lanka and other parties joined this observational visit with the President.


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