President Maithripala Sirisena says that the Singapore government should make a clear statement about its policy regarding the handing over the responsible person for the Central Bank bond issue to the Sri Lankan government.

Speaking at the launch of the National Action Plan for the eradicatinon of bribery and corruption today morning (18th) at Colombo, President Sirisena said he had discussed with the Singapore Prime Minister in this regard.

Speaking at the event, President Sirirsena said that the main theme in his election manifesto was the elimination of bribery and corruption as expected by the people who vote for him on the 8th of January, 2015. During the last four years, the President said that he took tough decisions that no any other government had taken before.

The Presidential Commission appointed to Investigate into the biggest robbery in the history of the Central Bank, has made the people aware and the public opinion was in support of this inquiry . The officials who were conducting these investigations had to face various challenges and problems, he said, I consider it a pathetic situation in the state administration.

Speaking at the event, President said that the biggest challenge for better governance in the country is the corruption in frauds, and all parties that love the country should be united. No one is interested in finding solutions to the realities of the country, but in the face of such a background, one does not speak openly, President said.

Thus the President further stated that, even though in order to eradicate bribery and corruption a clear program is being conducted in the country at present, there is a problematic situation in carrying out the legal process against the accusers. In a government service which is very methodical there should be a clear legal process against who have done wrong and the bribery and corruption should be properly punished in order to build an ethical country.

The five year national plan for eradicating bribery and corruption was presented to the President by the chairmen of the Commission for Bribery and corruption. The motive of drafting this active plan is to bring sustainable development with an economical, societal, cultural, and environmental stability. For over a year, the bribery, corruption, and punishments related to profits and losses and other punishments and weak laws and regulations that are related to them, and facts regarding the orders and acts are being recommended by the cabinet and the five year national action plan is being drafted including new rules and regulations. Restraining bribery and corruption, developing value systems of all the government institutes, amending punishments and legal policies, are the most important facts which have become the base in drafting this national program and there were 40 rounds of discussions, organized by the commission of bribery and corruption to discuss with all levels of experts, foreign specialists, and the public.

The most honorable Tri Nikaya Maha Sangha, and priests of other religions, Speaker Mr. Karu Jayasooriya, leader of the opposition Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, and ministers, Secretary to the President Udaya. R. Senevirathne, and government officers, Attorney General Jayantha Jayasooriya, and experts of the field of law, Ambassador for United States of America Alaina. B.Telpity, United Nations Resident Coordinator for Sri Lanka and other foreign representatives, and the chairmen of commission for bribery and corruption and directors and other officers were present in this event.










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