President Maithripala Sirisena went on an observational visit to Polonnaruwa and looked in to the development activities that is taking place in the city today(2).

President who inquired on the development matters taking place in the new museum of Polonnaruwa first, instructed the related officials to complete the constructions systematically and quickly.

This new museum which is built different to a normal museum is being unfolded as a museum which expresses the heredity of the historical city planning, irrigation technology, historical water supplying systems, food security, architecture and other technical expertise.

This project is conducted under “PIbidemu Plonnaruwa” development program.

Bringing forth the worth of the “Pulathisipura” for the devotees in pilgrimage in historical Polonnaruwa holy premises the land that is selected to build the proposed city park was also under President’s observation.

President also observed the proposed land for the ward complex that is to be built beside the Polonnaruwa Hospital for cancer patients.

Then the President went on an observational visit to kaduruwela main bus stop premises.






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