The President instructed the medical officials to strengthen the mechanism for the containment of this influenza without making funds an issue.

President Maithripala Sirisena visited the Health Ministry, today (28) and inquired about the measures taken by the Health Ministry to contain the influenza which is spreading in the Southern Province.

He also inquired about the programme being implemented by the Ministry to provide treatment to the affected.
The President instructed the officials to strengthen the mechanism for the containment of this influenza without making funds an issue and directed the medical officials to provide adequate staff to the hospitals.

He advised the officials that medicine and medical implements can be purchased directly during an emergency situation without following the tender procedures if there is a shortage.

If not, President Sirisena advised the officials to provide a list to be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers immediately for approval.

Further, the President directed the officials to ensure immediate release of funds to the provincial hospitals if there are shortcomings when treating the patients.

The President also inquired from the officials about the reports in the media that the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Karapitiya General Hospital lacks required facilities. The officials told the President that the ICU has been provided adequate facilities.

The doctors pointed out those schools in the Southern Province were closed as the viral flu had been rapidly spreading. They said that the situation has now been contained and there is no need to close schools in the province any more. They said that there is no risk of this flu spreading.

The Health Research Unit has already started research on this virus and the medical officers pointed out that the spreading of this virus is under control.

Further, the President gave his attention to the programme on controlling Dengue virus, and the specialists said that a 70% of decrease compared to last two years has been reported.

Deputy Health Minister Faizal Cassim, Secretary to the Ministry of Health, acting Director General of Health Services, Deputy Director of Health Services of Southern Province and other Deputy Directors of Health Services, Specialists in Epidemiology Unit and other officials joined this event.




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