The Unit is primarily responsible for implementing decisions of the “Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention” that functions under the purview of His Excellency the President and the programme: “A country free of Intoxicants” in liaison with the Governmental and Non –Governmental Agencies.

  1. Convening and facilitating “Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention” for and on behalf of His Excellency the President.
  2. Formulating joint programmes, implementing and supervising the national drug prevention programme: “A country free of Intoxicants” coordinating horizontally and vertically the programme at grass root and national levels.
  3. Reporting to His Excellency the President the progress of drug eradication activities carried out by Governmental and non-Governmental Agencies.
  4. Management of the financial provisions allocated for the drug eradication.
  5. Training resource persons for Governmental and non-Governmental Agencies.
  6. Preparing and distributing and distribution of educational Aids.
  7. Initialling action on complaints and proposals received by His Excellency the president.
  8. Drawing up and publishing electronic and print media advertisements meant to discourage the use of drugs and consumption of alcohol.
  9. Initiating action to enlist the participation of religious leaders, Government officials, Social activists in drugs eradication activities in order to defeat the advertising strategies attractively planned with a view to enticing people towards the drug use.


To prepare the backdrop for development socio-economically and culturally by creating Sri Lanka free of Intoxicants as envisioned in His Excellency the President’s Policy Statement: “Compassionate Governance – a stable Country”


To play a proactive role in protecting the health of all Sri Lankans and improving their well-being, enhancing productivity and alleviating poverty by gradually eliminating consumption of alcohol including the use of tobacco and illicit drugs thereby minimizing the damage caused.


Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention
Presidents Office
Colombo 01


Dr Samantha kumara Kithalawaarachchi

Dr Samantha Kumara is a veteran product of Peradeniya University.

He is a very famous Dental Surgeon and Implantologist in the country and has obtaining His Masters degree from Peradeniya University.

He has participated Harvard Health leaders forum in 2013 at Harvard university Boston USA. He is a resource person to the Faculty of Medicine University of Peradeniya For Disaster Management.

He has worked in Polonnaruwa General hospital RDHS Office Polonnaruwa,Teaching Hospital Kurunegala,and PD Office Kurunegala.

He has started his Drug prevention carrier since he was in grade 10 student at Royal central college- Polonnaruwa

He was the Chairman of Apekedella Drug Prevention organisation and has done lot of Drug prevention programs, has volunteer  worked with UNODC H – 13 Project in the country, has obtain various  drug Prevention training locally and internationally.

Telephone Number: 0114354614

Fax Number: 0114354561


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