Easter stands out as the most important celebration for Christians, as it marks the conquest of death through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The festivities of Easter bring to a joyous conclusion the period of Lent, when Christians followed the traditions of repentance, self-sacrifice, charity and religious observances that recalled the suffering, agony and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life for all humanity.

The conquest of death, shown by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, gives Christians the hopeful message of reaching eternal joy beyond death, by following the Christian teachings of love towards all and the spirit of sacrifice. This commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ, in addition to giving spiritual strength to individuals, also helps to build a better society based on love, forgiveness, understanding and tolerance.

As Easter revives the Christian spirit, which contributes to achieving social justice and reconciliation, it also gives an important lesson for our own advancement as a nation.

As Christians of Sri Lanka join followers of their faith the world over today, they also send a salutary message of goodwill and understanding to all Sri Lankans.

Amidst this spirit of joyous sharing, I wish all Christians a Happy and Peaceful Easter!


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