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President Maithripala Sirisena asked the Chief Justice and the Judicial Service Commission to find a solution to address the problems related to the promotions of the judges, acceptable to everybody concerned.

Any of the judges of any grade meeting anyone in any situation regarding their promotions is not appropriate, the President emphasized at the Annual General Meeting of Judicial Service Association held at the Hotel Galadari today (December 18).

The President also advised the Judicial Service Commission to formulate a mechanism for promotions on the basis of the merit of judges and it should be acceptable to all those in the judiciary service, intellectual community and the people of the country.

The President said that he accomplished his duty on promoting the judges very independently and impartially in the past 3 years. He added that he took initial steps to take advice from the Judicial Service Commission regarding judges and sought the advice of the Attorney General when there were problematic issues.

Further, the President requested the gathering to inform him through a written statement regarding the disciplinary violations that could result in annulment of a promotion of a judge and added that the proposed mechanism could help to overcome such issues.

Moreover the President told that he is ready to end up the long lasing problem related to the salary structure after the discussion with the related parties.

President Sirisena said that language should not be a problem to the judiciary process. He said that he took necessary actions to eradicate the language issues not only the judicial service but also the entire public services in the last three years.

Concerning the issues related to the delays of pending cases in courts, the President said that we should have to formulate an improved mechanisms in order to redress the issues. He further said that by increasing the number of judges in the High Court would be a successful method to solve these problems.

He said that throughout the past three years he ensured the independence of judiciary system without the interference of political parties and other political pressures. He added that he has ensured the free environment for judges to come out with their free and fair verdicts. He further added that with regard to the alleged human rights violations in the recent past, he emphasized to the international community that it is possible to come up with a domestic legal mechanism with local judges looking into the issue without the intervention of international panel of judges.

On this occasion, the President was presented with the Annual Souvenir of The Judicial Service Commission.   

Minister Thalatha Athukorala, Chief Justice Priyasath Dep, President of the Judicial Service Association, Ranga Dissanayaka and President of Judicial Service Commission,  Pradeep Jayathilaka  participated in this event.

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