President Maithripala Sirisena said that the Presidential Commission appointed to find out the corruption and fraud of the Central Bank Treasury Bonds and the Commission appointed to find out the serious frauds and corruption have been done in a correct and proper manner and similarly he would take the responsibility of punishing the responsible persons into his own hands.

Even though some complain that some pages are missing in the report of the Commission on Central Bank bond issue, there aren’t any pages missing the President said and added that what has really happened was that there are certain documents of the report that needs absolute confidentiality for conducting further investigations and if such documents are released the persons who are charged could take an undue advantage.

The President stated this at a meeting with the members of Pettah United Business Society (23)

Even though the people in Colombo district voted United National Party (UNP) for in the past 25 years no public representative has worked towards solving the problems of the people, said the President stating further that all the parties who took votes from them should be responsible for not solving these problems.

The President said that it is essential to keep up the beauty and the cleanliness of the city as well as making the people’s lives brighter. However, at the same time there should be a program to solve the problems of the small scale and medium scale business people in Pettah as well as the businesses of pedestrian stalls, he said and added that they would be looked into in the future.

Several United National Party (UNP) members, who joined the SLFP were given membership of the party by the President on this occasion.

Ministers Faizer Musthpha and Chandima Weerakkody, the Secretary of the Pettah Business Society, Sampath Chaminda Widanagamage and other representatives were present at this meeting.





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