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    "Discipline, honesty and diplomacy is the way to solve problems; we need to set examples of ourselves reaching new heights of unity. Self respect for each citizen and good govenance are our aspirations. Developing rural economy with agriculture, fisheries, communications and travel are new economic targets.

    Developing youth skills, uplifting of women, children and the disabled creates a great nation. National Soveriegnty, freedom from external dominition,
protection of culture, environment, wild life and national geo-resources are our aspirations.

    It is our duty to display a more realistic and pragmatic approach to the
role of governence and redressing the public sector to be useful to the people.

    We need to create a strategic view of the country's economic future and develop an investment program accordingly. Our neighbours are far ahead
of us in this respect.

    Presidency is a creation of an honest leadership to achieve expectations
of the people of Sri Lanka. "

- Mahinda Rajapaksa


We will eradicate terror and develop country - President











Mahinda Chinthana

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