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President Maithripala Sirisena says the SLFP should walk through a populist and humanist path. “A party is illuminated according to the characters of the people in the party”, he added.

“The qualities goodness, good manners, love for the country, simplicity, humbleness should be in every political character. Not only the parties with the people who engage in corruption, fraud, theft, waste and the misuse of the power, are defeated, but also the politicians of those parties are rejected by the people”, the President said.

The President was speaking at a ceremony held today (Jan. 10) at the Vernon Fernando Playground in Kalutara. This was the 28th commemoration ceremony of Mr. Indrapala Abeyweera and Bartin Silva who sacrificed their lives for the SLFP.

Mr. Indrapala Abeyweera who was a former Assistant Secretary as well as a party co-organizer for Kalutara District and Mr. Bartin Silva who was an activist of the SLFP were brutally assassinated 28 years ago. The President said their accomplishments for the party have been indelibly marked in the history of the SLFP.

“Every political party should go forward in a flexible manner when they are fulfilling the responsibilities for the country. The SLFP should take the philosophy created by Sri S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike forward as a strong party by forming it to be suited to the new world”, he stated.

“Though the political enemies present criticisms, I fulfilled my responsibility given by the people to my best, throughout the last two years. And I will continue doing so”, he said. The President said he would be committed to build a country where all people can live in peace and unity, a good society and a better future for the children.

Offering dictionaries to the Bhikkus, offering shoes to school children and presenting medical equipments for health centers occurred at this occasion.

Ministers Mahinda Samarasinghe and Mahinda Amaraweera and Western Provincial Minister Sumith Lal Mendis were among those participated in this event.

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