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President Maithripala Sirisena says some section of the society acting in an uncivilized manner to prevent the prestige and respect gained by the Government, with the decision of the EU to revive the GSP plus facility, to Sri Lanka.

The President expressed his regrets regarding a newspaper article published stating that the EU offered GSP plus to Sri Lanka based on a promise of establishing a federal system in the country. The President also said that he repeatedly request media institutions to, not to use the given media freedom in an incorrect manner. He has requested them to fulfill their respective responsibilities to provide correct and accurate information to the public.

He made these remarks participating at a programme which launched with the aim of ensuring religious reconciliation, after the concluding ceremony of the “Nila Mehewara” National Mobile Service Program held at the Labuduwa Siridhamma College, Galle.

President Sirisena further said that the government’s effort is not to establish a federal system in the country or to divide the country, but to make our country great, while preventing recurrence of a war and to build a just society ensuring the national unity.

He said that when the people of the country selected him as the President, there were numerous challenges before the country, and after the present government headed by him, took the responsibility to face those challenges and the development and economic process will take forward finding solutions to all those issues while building friendship with all the foreign countries in the world.

Some section of the society bring forward slogans, in a background where foreign investments flow into the country, the President said that adding the Government which, understood the value of our great motherland  always committed to protect the lands of the country and to nourish it.

Offering 1,000 robes to the Bhikkus, distribution of title deeds and Fixed Deposit Certificates for the development of religious places were held under this programme.

Ministers Vajira Abeywardena, Gayantha Karunathilaka, Chandima Weerakkody, Chief Minister of Southern Province, Shan Wijayalal De Silva participated at this event.

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