The ceremony to mark the completion of the works of the Kalu Gaga Reservoir, which built to cultivate the Dumbara Valley and the vesting ceremony of the New Laggala Green Town with the people in the Dumbara Valley, who sacrificed their villages and lands for the construction of Moragahakanda – Kalu Ganga Reservoir, will be held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena tomorrow (08).

This ceremony will be held to mark the commencement of the 5th year of economic and cultural revival of the ‘Maithree Governance A Sustainable Era’. The New Laggala Green Town with all the modern facilities vested with those people as a result of the Moragahakanda – Kalu Ganga Multipurpose development project.

The new Laggala town was built to meet the needs of 3,000 families of the old town. The new town has been designed according to the modern urban park concept with a total investment of Rs4.5 billion.

There are 26 office places were established for government agencies in new city of Laggala. The Laggala secondary school and new hospital will be handed over to the public for their benefit by the President on 8th of January.

The other large reservoir connected to the Moragahakanda reservoir is the Kalu Ganga reservoir. The Kalu Ganga project is twice the size of the Parakrama Samudraya. With these two projects being built together, they are building a complex of six irrigation schemes like Parakrama Samuddha.

The capacity of Kalu Ganga reservoir is 200,000 Acre feet. The most significant thing is that the water is supply to the Laggala new city by a large quantity of Kalu Ganga water. In the Parana Haththoya Amuna area, 1500 acres of land is use for the farming purpose and it will use water from Kalu Ganga. In addition, Kalu Ganga water will use wild animals and nature as well. Other more water brings to the Morgahakanda reservoir via tunnel and Canals. That’s canal has a length of 9 kilometers.


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