The project of the ‘Gramashakthi People’s Movement’ Western Provincial Planning Committee will be met tomorrow (18th) in Henegama, Gampaha under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, under the direction of the President Task Force on poverty alleviation.

In the last year, grants amounting to Rs. 47 million were provided to Gramashakthi societies in the Colombo District and, 39 million rupees has been provided for the Gampaha district and 42 million rupees for the Kalutara district.

Colombo District has a poverty index of 0.9% of the total 23,43,000. The Gampaha District of which the population is 23,72,000, there is a poverty index of 2.0% and the poverty index of the Kalutara district which has 12,81,000 is 2.9%.

In the last year, the ‘Gramashakthi People’s Movement’ program launched a program to uplift the economic standards of those poor people in the country. The progress of the programs and their future plans will be discussed at the forthcoming steering committee meeting in tomorrow.

The meeting will be held with the participation of the political authorities of the province and public officials. It is planned to provide immediate solutions to the problems faced by the people in the province.

Also, several new agreements will be signed tomorrow (18th) between the Gramashakthi society and several private companies of the Western Province, for the purchase of new products in the village societies.

The Gramashakthi Program has several variations in social welfare programs so far. That program was compiled after studying all the programs conducted so far, such as Janasaviya, Samurdhi and Divi Neguma. “Gramashakthi Program is functioning as a progressive and people friendly program.

For the first time, the Gramashakthi People’s Movement has acted to give the people the opportunity to join a collective decision making process, rather than swayed by the bureaucracy. All decisions regarding the development of the village are being made by rural societies under Gramashakthi.

Social incentivized programs so far have encouraged the people to obtain financial or other assistance from the government.

The Western Province Gramashakthi program will be held tomorrow (18th) in the Gampaha, Dompe, Walaramba Production Village.


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