A graduate with vocational skills should be produced to match the local and foreign job market requirements in the university system. This should not be delayed further by the parties in power, said the President.

President Maithripala Sirisena said this in the book launch of ”Sri Lankan education system and the mismatch of the job market” by Dr. Mohan Lal Grero held at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall today(2).

President further said that the voice for making reformations in the system of education that suits the job market has been raised in the country in the past.

It was a long term request and many research reports were released on that issue. Howevet it was not properly answered and that it is sad to see that none of those who speak on behalf of their own union rights had not considered this matter.

The President further pointed out that the era of the graduates raising their voices for jobs will see an end when this problem is properly solved.

Dr. Mohan Lal Grero has composed a research thesis called “Sri Lankan education system and the mismatch of the job market” for his doctorate on the science of education was launched as a book.

The book discusses the fundamental capabilities of the Sri Lankan education system and has elaborated on the challenges and the responsibility of the whole educational system.

The first copy of the book was presented to the President by Dr.Mohan Lal Grero.

Speaker Karu Jayasooriya, Thilanaga Sumathipala, Prof. J.B. Dissnanayake, Prof. Mohan De Silva and other PHD holders, professors, experts and distinguished guests were presented in the event.









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