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The ritual organized to redeem the vow made on the 24th of December 2016 by the Mahaweli farmers under the auspices of President at the Sorivila Devalaya in Dimbulagala for receiving showers, ending the drought weather condition, having bountiful of harvest, and making Pulathisi Puraya more prosperous was held at the Sorivila Devalaya premises in Dimbulagala under the purview of the Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority this morning (09).

President Maithripala Sirisena was also present at the event. He was welcomed in accordance with the traditional customary.

The President was engaged in the religious observances and obtained blessings.

The auspicious ritual of boiling milk with the inaugural harvest of the Maha season was conducted by the Mahaweli farmers in line with the main function.  

President witnessed the “An Keliya”, “Kohomba Kale”, and “Kiri Koraha” rituals that were presented by the members of the “Adi Vasi” (Aborigines of Sri Lanka) community at the “Devalaya” premises.

The students of the Sorivila school also performed there.

Later, President had a cordial conversation with the farmers and the Mahaweli officers.

An exhibition of equipment that can be used for toxin free weed control and eco-friendly agriculture was also held at the premises and the President too visited the exhibition site.

President was briefed on the research work which has been doing by Mr. Indika Manawadu on the Parakrama Samudraya (reservoir) for around 18 years.

The public representatives including provincial councilor of North-central province Sampath Sri Nilantha, the government officials including District Secretary of Polonnaruwa, Director General of Mahaweli and a large numbers of people were present at the event.

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