President Maithripala Sirisena says even though today’s construction industry has been completely enriched with modern technology, when we utilize that knowledge in the local field of construction, we should combine it the expertise we developed in ancient times.

The President further said that what we learn from historical chronicles about great creations like Lovamahapaya have been proved during excavations and during ancient times Sri Lankan construction industry had a great name that no other country had in the world.

He made these observations while participating at the “Construction 2015” industry show at the BMICH today (28).  This exhibition, organized by the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka will be held for next three days. The exhibition provides knowledge and education regarding the construction industry and equipment available in this industry.

The President recalled that our history of using iron goes back to the period Before Christ (BC). He added that the history of irrigation in Sri Lanka reveals that our ancient kings had built more than 34, 000 tanks for irrigation. He said that centuries old Sri Lankan expertise in construction sector should be taken to international level.

President Sirisena pointed out the necessity of a national plan and policy for construction sector. He said it should be done with the cooperation between the state and private sector and extended an open invitation to the private sector in this regard.

When the National Construction Association pointed out the issue of inadequacy of skilled workers, the President asked them to submit a proposal to solve this issue. He said the government will then look into the issue and find a solution.

After opening the exhibition, the President held cordial discussions with those who engaged in the construction sector.

Ministry Secretaries, President of the Construction Association Deshamanya S. P. Liyanarachchi, Secretary Mr. Pubudu Kamal Perera also participated at this occasion.



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