“Everybody should pay the attention on how far we can use our natural resources for the construction sector, with the challenges of the increase of population, geographical positions and the environmental resources”, says President Maithripala Sirisena.

“Therefore, we should be ready to win the challenges of construction sector by protecting the environment”, he emphasized.

The President was speaking at the National Construction Award Ceremony, held today (Dec. 19) at the BMICH.

The award ceremony is organized annually to encourage the people in the construction sector and provide them commendation and incentives.

The President pointed out that the use of sand, stone and cement has been reduced in the developed countries in world. “We also should gradually move forward to that new technology”, he said.

“Though the constructors are reluctant to use sea sand for the constructions due to their lack of knowledge and experience in that, the sea sand is not a new introduction to the construction sector”, the President pointed out.

“The construction sector, environment and the economic development of the country are bound together. We don’t want to transfer our country into a Singapore or Japan. But we should be committed to build the country by protecting the natural resources, with the foundation we inherited from our thousands of years old great history”, the President further stated.

He said that the opportunity to carry out the business activities for those who engaged in the construction sector has been ensured in the country today.

Minister of Housing and Construction Sajith Premadasa presented the National Policy on Construction to the President.

President Sirisena presented the awards for excellence in constructions.

The awardees presented a financial grant to the President for initiating a new housing scheme.

Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction Indika Bandaranayake and the Secretary to the Ministry W. K. K. Athukorala were also present at this occasion.


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